The Writter behind the stories.

The Writter behind the stories.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top 5 Up and Coming Music Producers Selling Beats Online

We made a Top 5 list of the best up and coming producers so far selling beats online.
Our list was selected carefully picked by style, crafted, art form and popularity. Check out what we came up with...

  1. Conscious beats is one of the most active on the internet buzzing flameful beats for future hip hop and R&B artist of today. visit
  2. Baby John Cox Beats is like no other with his heart felt hip hop sounds that brings hip hop to another level. Check out the Symphony  Right Dj. Marley Marl 2014 visit 
  3. Digital Beatz is a musical beat making dual 3-Digital and CINEMATIK  destroying the scene with well master creativity. Check out clean sheetz. visit
  4. 5 star Beatz is a very creative music composer with his dreamy beat elements that give artists a more emotional engagement such as his beat "Live Young" Check out 5 star beatz
  5. Gummy Beatz is a classic beat maker who ringing bells on twitter and other social media outets. He craft of making trap beats are like none other.  "Get Gummy" Visit Gummy beatz

If you thing you got what it takes as an artist, this is what you should do....

Check out this amazing producers, select some beats from them, record your music at an professional recording studio, and make yourself a guaranteed smash hit!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dmx Sings Rudolph Song. The X Way!

Microsoft Just Might Slash The Price Off The Surface Tablet

It  was recently stated that Microsoft was thinking about cutting  the price down on the surface tablet, but no price was revealed. It would be nice to purchase it at a price of $199.00.
The snap it in, slick 3mm-thick, colorful selected key boards is an accessory which is sold separately can easily bring the price up to $299.00. ("Now That Would Be Great!")
Most IDC analyst is having a hard time agreeing with what PC makers price settings for the Windows 8 products. I totally agree with the IDC team, prices are to high especially around the holidays. Here's a good link to some of the cheapest tablets out now going into 2013.(  Low price Tablets  ) 
It's said by the end of this year, with the newly lauched windows 8 OS, Microsoft would hopefully sell over 3 million surface devices.   It seems like Microsoft will have to pull out the steak knife and get chopping! Hey maybe Beyounce would buy Rapper Jay-z one for his Birthday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Missoni Lights The Run Way

Next Years Stunning Design by Angela Missoni, Spring/Summer 2013, Sept. 24 in Milan

Missoni Still leaves a foot print of light colors in the fashion World!

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Thank you for your time! Ochial Ellison

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Sweet Taste of Seagram's True Southern Peach Tea Vodka

Seagram's True Southern Peach tea Vodka is A piece of Georgia in a Glass!

I will be the first to say, I love sipping a nice chilled glass of seagram's distilled on ice, maybe with a slice of lime. Imagine Seagram coming out with a Vodka with a soft & graceful taste of southern fruits. Ahh! Im recommend you try Seagram's True Southern Peach tea vodka, it's so, so smooth When I first took a sip of this southern peach vodka, I almost felt like I was drinking  an highly selected drink created for a King of royalty but with a U.S.A dirty south peachy peach taste. This drink taste exactly like a well home made southern glass of sweet tea would be like.

I actually had this drink with a dish of well cooked deep BBQ ribs, and it was such an refined taste. I will soon purchase the 1/2 gallon  of seagram's True southern peach tea vodka for when ever guest come over to my home! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


BIG Ghost Face Go in on Frakey Drakey!BIG GHOST CHRONICLES: Smarten Up Aubs....: Ayo whattup yall...the Hands of Zeus is back in the buildin nahmean. I jus got done smashin these trees in the forests n throwin some bou...

This Is not the Real Ghost Face thou!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Takes Over Target

Missoni is an high class Italian fashion line, famous for its knitted, unique zig-zags and loud colors. The Missoni line have just launch at the second biggest retailer in the world (TARGET) This morning, which cause the Target website to crash. The collection is currently available online with some items listed have already sold out! The Missoni Collection will appear @ Target from today Sept. 13 to Oct. 22.

Check out Missoni

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 falling in the hand of God

The Hand of God, That works so well,
That saved our loved ones from our towers that fell.
The strength and pride; our memories give,
from all our love ones whom no longer here.
Fireman, Policeman, and U.S.A heroes,
saved others, but died and became apart of Ground Zero.
WE LOVE You so much, we will forever cry,
You all live in our hearts, where Spirits don't die.

I love my Country!
I love my State!
I love my Army!
I love my President!
The first should be last, I love God! Amen!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WE left alot of junk on the moon. Why? I just don't know. My opinion; I wish our astronauts would of picked up the trash. The space buggy which crashed I can see being left behind. What do you think about this  moon mission? Should the astronauts have picked up their mess or left  the moon an hurricane?